about university

The University of Tehran Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies (FNST) has been launched in 2010 with a vision to educate and nurture the best and brightest of tomorrow's scientists, engineers and professionals in various interdisciplinary fields.



  • Objectives and Present Status

The faculty aims to serve the society by advancing the boundaries of knowledge through a range of researches in order to create knowledge and wealth for the country. FNST is committed to recruiting and nurturing talents and leaders for the community. It aspires to become the best national faculty and one of the best internationally, in contemporary sciences and technologies and various interdisciplinary fields. To achieve these, the faculty aims to:

  • Attract the most talented lecturers and high-level researchers to be engaged in interdisciplinary research projects of substance.
  • Create a collegial and encouraging environment to nurture young and bright students with professional spirits and excellent researchers with an attitude for new ideas and innovations.
  • Offer a stimulating and interactive learning environment with modern classes and state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • Strongly support international academic collaboration, and staff and student exchanges at all levels.