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The 5-year prospective plan of the Faculty of New Sciences and Technology (1400-1405)

This plan is focused on improving the scientific, technological and socio-cultural aspects of the faculty with a social-based, innovative, and applicable research approach which can positively impact the society and industries. The overall framework of this plan contains six domains including the 10-year outlook, faculty mission, fundamental motives, policies, strategies, and fundamental proceedings. The actions taken for the progress and transformation of the faculty have been gathered into seventeen fundamental plans (with a research approach) in seven topics: 1. Management and organization of the administrative and support infrastructures; 2. Education; 3. Research and technology; 4. Empowerment in entrepreneurship and innovation; 5. Promoting culture and social values; 6. Excellence in the social status of professors and staff; 7. Excellence in students' social status (matter relating to support, welfare and health of students).


The goals of the Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies for 1410:

To be a model and community-based faculty in terms of:

1.      The development of advanced technologies that are beneficial/pervasive, the priority of the country and unique in the knowledge-based economy

2.      Fostering outstanding graduates in terms of knowledge, insight, creativity, skill and innovative entrepreneurial capabilities

3.      Social responsibility, accountability and opulence of Iranian-Islamic cultural values ​​among professors, staff, students and graduates

4.      Broad national and international cooperation and interaction in scientific and technological innovations


The mission of the Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies

Expanding beneficial and applicable interdisciplinary sciences and technologies in prioritized and demand-driven fields, while also paying attention to the future needs of the country with the following four approaches:

1.      Expand interdisciplinary and synergistic collaborations in technology-based practical research and education

2.      Training creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, analytical and committed graduates in prioritized novel areas in accordance with the country's demands

3.      Creating and expanding appropriate research and educational infrastructures in accordance with global standards

4.      Promoting the Iranian-Islamic culture and belief in the society